The information below will show the student how to complete the application and take inventory of all documents required to complete the application request.

Application for  Admission Form

Prospective students and students that have not attended Calvary Bible Institute (CBI) within twelve (12) months.

Please click here to complete admission application request for Calvary Bible Institute enrollment.

How To Use This Form

Applicants to Calvary Bible Institute are required to use this and accompanying Application for Admission form.

Application Deadline:

Fall Admission: August 15th

Spring Admission: December 15th

Summer Admission: May 3rd

Completing Your Application:

A complete application is one that includes the following documents:

Completed Application Form, including applicant's signature

Official transcripts from each college or university attended, and proof of High School diploma or GED for non-degreed applicants

Essay responding to question on application form

Inventory Listing:

Before sealing the envelope to send your application documents to Calvary Bible Institute, make certain that all appropriate boxes have been checked on this form.  Remember to include the inventory listing with the application packet you send to the institute's Main Office.

Application Form - make certain it includes your signature

Transcripts in unopened envelopes - Number of institutions attended

Essay responding to questions on application form

Please send all required documents to:

Calvary Bible Institute

605 Rhode Island Avenue, NE

Washington, DC 20002